A folding screen with objects telling one full story.

Folding Screen: Separate Image & One Story

  A traditional folding screen has unique paintings in each frame. At the same time, the pictures are connected to each other forming one full story. Instead of paintings, Traces has objects in each frame that are all connected by water.

Sensing the insensible

  Traces focuses on what is usually considered insensible, sometimes called spiritual. Water is used to visualize the connections between objects for each frame. 

  An object itself contains a source of energy. Newton’s law of universal gravitation, or even the concept of aura can be an example of this. Tides and waves become more fascinating once you get to know the connection with the moon. Through this project, my intention was to talk about what surrounds objects and what interactions there could be between objects even when there is no physical contact.

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The Process

  Water starts dropping from the vessel with a plant floating on a floater. Tea leaves brew the water adding color to it. Objects made with plaster and paper, absorb the water changing its shape and color. The last part was a box of white plaster powder. As tea-brewed water dropped on it, it formed and hardened enough to crack the box open and show up as a roughly shaped brick.

There were intervals during the night for water to dry out, making patterns and gaps in each object. Audiences could pour in water when it was drying out, engaging them in the process.

From Any Direction

  From any direction, it is possible to see the whole process of Traces. Unlike a normal folding screen, the frame is not filled with a plane, which allows the audience to feel the differences when looking from various positions.

  The objects are always aligned in one line which keeps the focus on it. Wherever you are standing, Traces is showing the same connection between the objects.

  • Year


  • Material

    Steel, Acrylic, Plaster, PLA, Paper

  • Dimensions

    1 frame : 2,000 x 500 x 20 mm