Floater for avocado seeds and plants

Setting The Seed Free

  The Seed Floater lets the seed to freely float on water. With a transparent material, formed in a shape of water, a ripple, the floater is almost seamless, which brings more intention to the seed itself. The vessel can also vary, bringing in aesthetics to the whole process, having it decorate the space just like other plants and vases.

The water level doesn’t matter since the seed will always be floating on it. After returning from a long summer vacation, an avocado sprout might be waiting for you.

* The avocado tree in the image sprouted during my Christmas break, which was almost 2 weeks long.

Brutality to Comfort

  An avocado seed sprouts when only the bottom part is dipped in water. To keep the seed in this specific condition, toothpicks are often used to hang the seed on a bottle or cup. The water level also has to be kept on a specific height, which makes you have to check everyday. All of this seems quite brutal for the seed, like a life extension device.

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  • Dimensions

    85 x 85 x 10 mm